Vape It Forward

What is it?

The Vape It Forward (VIF) program is a two part campaign – first and foremost it is to help and provide support to smokers who wish to switch off combustible tobacco using Electronic Liquid Vapourisers (ELVs).  This is done through support/guidance of AVCA Mentors (volunteers who are former smokers themselves who now vape) as well as through support and offers from vape vendors who are part of the VTANZ (Vape Trade Association of New Zealand).

How does it work?

Volunteers from the vaping community sign up to become a VIF advocate for their geographical area.  These volunteers are given information,  and advice that they can pass onto would be vapers to support them in the first months during the transition from smoking to vaping.

The sponsorship of that person by the VIF advocate will provide support, advice, assistance and help on the journey from combustible tobacco to electronic cigarettes/vapourisers without time limits or constraints.

Where do I sign up? (to be an advocate or to have an advocate contact me):

If you have internet access, you can go to the facebook group for AVCA:

Email VIF Coordinator:

Jan Walsh (Interim Coordinator)